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Are you interested in a career as a frontline manager? If you have strong leadership skills and you want to play a part in helping a company reach its long-term goals, our frontline management course is the ideal fit for you.

Designed in collaboration with industry leaders and flexible to suit you, our frontline management programme may be just what you need to unlock your potential and take your career to the next level.

Explore our course breakdown below or enrol now to get started.

  • Course Outline

    When you enrol on our frontline management courses, you will complete the following units of study:

    1Implement effective workplace relationships

    This unit specifies the outcomes required to collect, analyse and communicate information and to use that information to develop and maintain effective working relationships and networks, with particular regard to communication and representation

    2Implement operational plan

    This unit specifies the outcomes required to develop and monitor the implementation of the operational plan to provide efficient and effective workplace practices within the organisation’s productivity and profitability plans. Management at a strategic level requires systems and procedures to be developed and implemented to facilitate the organisation’s operational plan

    3Promote team effectiveness

    This unit specifies the outcomes required of frontline managers to promote teamwork. It involves developing team plans to meet expected outcomes, leading the work team, and proactively working with the management of the organisation

    4Develop work priorities

    This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to plan own work schedules, monitor and obtain feedback on work performance and development

    5Monitor a safe workplace

    This unit is concerned with OHS responsibilities of employees with supervisory responsibilities to implement and monitor the organisation’s Occupational Health and Safety policies, procedures and programs in the relevant work area to meet legislative requirements

    6Implement workplace information system

    This unit specifies the outcomes required to implement the workplace information system. It involves the identification, acquisition, initial analysis and use of appropriate information which plays a significant part in the organisation’s effectiveness

    7Implement continuous improvement

    This unit specifies the outcomes required to implement the organisation’s continuous improvement systems and processes. Particular emphasis is on using systems and strategies to actively encourage the team to participate in the process, monitoring and reviewing performance, and identifying opportunities for further improvements

    8Develop teams and individuals

    This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to determine individual and team development needs and facilitate the development of the workgroup

    9Identify risk and apply risk management processes

    This unit addresses identifying risks, analysing and evaluating risks, treating risks and monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of treatment of risks

    10Manage projects

    This unit covers the management of a straightforward project or a section of a larger project. It focuses on the application of project management skills and the requirement to meet timelines, quality standards, budgetary limits and other requirements set for the project.

    11Facilitate and capitalise on change and innovation

    This unit specifies the outcomes required to plan and manage the introduction and facilitation of change. Particular emphasis is on the development of creative and flexible approaches, and on managing emerging opportunities and challenges

  • How Will You Benefit?

    There are many benefits associated with enrolling on our frontline management courses online. For example, you will:

    • Fast track your career as a frontline manager
    • Learn from industry experts how to effectively manage people and projects
    • Enrol on a frontline management course that has been implemented in collaboration with prominent industry representatives
    • Get a 10% discount on your course fee by paying upfront, or choose our interest-free weekly payment plan
    • Save yourself time and money with remote studying while you benefit from access to your own personal tutor
    • Establish your own timetable and study at your own pace

    Discover the benefits for yourself by signing up for our frontline management course today.

  • Career Prospects

    Generally speaking, frontline managers are responsible for overseeing daily operations within a business. The typical day-to-day activities of someone in this role can include direct interactions with customers, providing essential business services, and depending on the industry, a frontline manager may also supervise production, manage floor associate or administrative staff.

    From being responsible for overseeing the manufacturing of goods to ensuring deliveries arrive on time, this type of manager is essential in any organisation. In some cases, frontline managers are viewed as the ‘face’ of a business, making them extremely important to its success.

    Frontline managers bring strategies to life, which in turn can have a significant impact on the daily performance of operations. This type of manager is there for their team, holding them accountable for completing tasks, resolving issues as soon as they arise, and ensuring that the policies and procedures in place are adhered to.

    A successful frontline manager will possess excellent communication skills, and the ability to mentor and motivate employees. A person in this position will also have sound judgement and be able to make quick decisions.

    Regardless of industry, frontline managers are indispensable and play an important role in making a difference every day.

    Becoming a Frontline Manager

    By enrolling on our frontline operations management course, you will cover the core management competencies required by team leaders, supervisors and operational managers. This course is appropriate for those who want to become:


    • an effective team member who makes a difference
    • a proactive and innovative contributor
    • recognised as an individual who can effectively plan and consistently reaches set goals
    • an efficient team-orientated manager
    • a person capable of improving profitability and strategic outcomes.

    Upon completion of this course, you will be readily prepared to enter into a management or supervisory position in a broad range of industries.

  • Course Levels Explained


    Our frontline management course leads to the awarding of a Diploma. This qualification recognises the graduate’s capacity for initiative and judgement across a broad range of technical and management functions. Diploma holders typically have personal responsibility and autonomy (semi-independence) in performing technical operations or organizing others in the workplace.

  • Prerequisites

    There are NO previous work or education requirements for entry into our frontline management course.

    So, if you want to advance your career in frontline management, simply enrol today.

  • Course Length

    Students typically complete their studies within 24 weeks.

    Our online frontline management course gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace. Take the fast track approach and complete your course in as little as a few weeks, or take your time and have up to three years to graduate.

  • Study Mode: Online Learning

    Our frontline management course is completed online via distance learning, which is sometimes referred to as correspondence learning. In short, this means you have full flexibility when it comes to your studies. You can work around your work and family commitments to ensure you complete the course at a pace that suits you. By choosing ICI, there’s no need to waste money or time travelling to class – you can study from any location in the world. What’s more, you’ll have access to your own personal tutor who will be able to offer the support you need.

    Although our frontline management course offers convenience, it will provide you with knowledge and skills you need to reach your career goals as a frontline manager.

  • Recognition & Accreditation

    This course is recognised and accredited by the International Association of Private Career Colleges (IAPCC) and the International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC). ICI courses are not AQF qualifications. ICI is an independent global awarding body that develops and administers career-related curriculum and training programs. When you graduate from an ICI training program you join ICI graduates in over 150 countries around the world.

    All of our management courses, including this one, follow a hands-on, practical approach. With our online operations management course, you will be taught everything you need to get ahead in this field and excel in your career as a frontline manager.

  • Already in the Profession or Industry?

    Even if you already work within this field, our frontline management course is for you. Expand your existing knowledge, boost your confidence and learn something new in your role as a manager. Whether you’re ambitious to climb the career ladder in your current line of work or you’re curious to head into frontline management for the first time, this online course is your next step.

  • What Do I Get?

    All the materials you need to complete our frontline management course are included in the course fee. Once you enrol, you will receive:

    • All required study materials and course notes
    • Assignment projects with constructive tutor feedback
    • A tutor who will answer all of your course and career questions and provide guidance

    Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive:

    • A graduation certificate officially recognizing your successful completion of studies and qualifications as a frontline manager
    • Transcripts indicating the units completed
    • A letter of recommendation and validation for current and future employers
    • Post-nominal letters placed after your name which indicate that you hold the relevant qualification (For example: John Smith, DipFrntLnMgt)
    • Job search assistance: discover more about our Graduate Career Services Programme
  • Cut Off Date

    Friday, 6th October 2023 is the next enrolment cut off date. Places are limited, in demand and entry into the course is on a first come first served basis.

    Your enrolment is processed and acknowledged within 24 hours of the Institute receiving your application. You can expect to receive your course within days of enrolling. When you start your ICI course it’s at your own pace and you determine when you finish.

    Don’t miss out. Enrol today!

Course Investment & Payment Plans

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How do I get started?

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How Does Online Studying Work?

As an ICI student, you’ll be able to train at home in your spare time, learning in the easiest possible way. There are no classes or lectures to attend, and no need to leave your job or change your schedule.

How does it work?
Enrol, Study at Home, and Graduate

ICI is committed to the successful completion of your course. The typical ICI student experience goes like this:

  1. The Enrolment Process
  2. Begin Your Studies
  3. Getting Help When You Need It
  4. Getting Assessed
  5. Graduation
1The Enrolment Process

Select the course that interests you. The International Career Institute website offers course overviews, course outlines, course fees, student testimonials, and information on career services for graduates.

When you are ready to enrol in a program, simply complete the online enrolment form, or call our toll-free number to speak with an enrolment adviser.

2Begin Your Studies

On enrolment students receive a welcome email and letter with instructions on how to login into your course and access your course and tutorial support. You will not be required to purchase any further materials. Courses are divided into modules with assessments located at the end of these modules. Assessments (written assignments) are based on what you have been learning about. No exams are involved.

Study at your own pace

One of the many great benefits of our courses is their modular format creates an easier and more effective way for you to learn. And with no need to follow a fixed timetable, you get to study and submit assignment for each module at your own pace.

3Getting Help When You Need It

Your courses are designed so that you can study independently. However, if you have a question about anything in your course, just contact one of our industry based tutors. Contact details are provided in your welcome email and letter. Your tutors are industry professionals who are ready to answer any questions about the course, assessments and industry for which you are training for.

4Get Assessed

At the end of modules you are asked to complete assignments. With no fixed assessment dates ICI students can submit their assessments at any time. This allows students to progress through the course at a pace that suits their needs. Assignments can be submitted via the student portal or email directly to the tutor.

Your assignments and projects will be graded on the following scale:

Grading scale
Lesson Grade (%)Letter EquivalentRating
100 - 80AOutstanding level of achievement
79 - 60BHigh level of achievement
59 - 50CSatisfactory level of achievement
49 - 40DMarginal level of achievement
0 - 39FFailed to complete course requirements

You must pass all modules and achieve a minimum of a C or higher in all studies to graduate. Should you not pass an assignment you are able to retake assessments as many times as you need (free of charge) in order to improve your results. Full tutorial support is available to guide you towards successfully completing your course.


Graduates of the Institute are eligible for assistance under the Graduate Career Services Program which includes assistance in job searches (by career and region), preparing cover letters, tips on interviewing, and much more. As part of your graduation package, we offer a Certified Professional Resume Writer free of charge to help you compose your resume. All graduates receive a certificate of completion at the relevant level (Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma / Executive Diploma), transcripts and a letter of recommendation.