How to Become a Professional Nanny

Did you know that you can choose to be a nanny as a career path? For anyone who loves kids or wants to embark on a career within the childcare industry, nannying proves to be a rewarding job prospect.

Far more than just babysitting, becoming a nanny in Australia requires certain skill sets and traits. From first aid and safety training to food handling and household duties, as a nanny, you’re expected to provide supervision and comfort to children and to respect the family’s needs.

As a professional nanny, you’ll either work part-time or as a full-time live-in carer in the child’s home.

Find out what you need to become a professional nanny and what future career prospects you have working in childcare.

How do I become a nanny in Australia?

The Australian Nanny Association (ANA) is the new industry organisation in place to support nannies in Australia. The ANA is the industry standard for nannies, outlining the qualifications and training needed to become a nanny in Australia. It is also in place to help families choose suitable nannies and to match nannies to households requiring their level of professionalism and expertise.

To meet the outlines of the ANA and to ensure you’re working in compliance with national standards, nannies and in-home carers must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Hold a current Australian First Aid and CPR certificate
  • Have a Working with Children Check
  • Have a National Police Check
  • Have at least two contactable nanny/childcare referees
  • Hold relevant qualifications or certificates in either teaching, childcare or nannying

You can work as a nanny without formal qualifications, however, not doing so can lead to legal and ethical implications. Being a member of the ANA and having the relevant qualifications will allow you to work as a nanny in a professional environment, and open you up to more job opportunities to progress within the childcare industry.

Skills needed to be a nanny

Nannies assist families of all walks of life in the provision of care and supervision of babies and children. A nanny will most often be working at the child’s home and can be working on a casual, part-time or full-time basis. General nannying tasks include:

  • Preparing meals, cooking, cleaning and general household duties
  • Helping children with their homework
  • Entertaining children with games or recreational activities
  • Supervising the daily routine of children
  • Dropping off and collecting children from school and after-school activities
  • Supervising the hygiene of children
  • Coordinating schedules for both children and their parent/s
  • Running errands and taking children to appointments
  • Providing medical care to children

Nannies are expected to have astounding skills in caregiving, communication, patience and responsibility, organization, education & training and the ability to be flexible and to work unsupervised.

Alongside soft skills, those wanting to become a nanny will need relevant certification to fast-track their career. The ICI Diploma of Nanny Studies course will equip you with the right skills to provide care for children and to gain the required training in First Aid and OHS.

How much can I earn as a nanny?

The average nanny salary in Australia is $58,500 per year or approximately $30 per hour. Entry level positions start at around $47,166 per year and those more experienced or who have been nannying for a long time can earn up to $94,125 per year.

Job prospects for nannies in Australia continue to grow, with a 10.2% projected job growth in the next 5 years. With more families working from home, this number is sure to rise as families seek the aid of nannies to assist them in the daily care of their children. One of the major benefits of being a nanny is that you can work anywhere in Australia. There is also the opportunity to move within the childcare field and gain employment in childhood or early learning centres, kindergartens and pre-schools, as a family day care worker or as a before/after school care assistant.

Being a nanny is a wonderful way to make a sole living or as a supplemental income stream. Nannies who are currently employed report “job satisfaction” as the best part of the role, followed by “work-life balance” and “variety of work”. If you want to make a difference in a child’s life and feel a call to help people, then nannying is your perfect fit!

Be a positive role model

Nannying is a unique job that allows you to be a positive influence in a child’s life. Further your career options in the childcare industry by enrolling in the ICI Diploma of Nanny Studies.

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