6 Reasons Why You Should Upskill & How To Get Started

What does it mean to ‘upskill’?

If you have been in the job market long enough, you would be familiar with the statement “experience required” cited on most job selection criteria. Experience is a never ending pursuit. Even if you have “experience” in whatever job or profession you are in, it’s safe to say that in a couple of years you will need to take on extra training so that your skills remain relevant to your job.

To upskill is therefore a matter of adding onto your existing skills so that you remain up-to-date in the ever-changing world of work.

Here are some examples as to why you should upskill:

1. Gain greater employment opportunities

Whether it’s a new job or an entire career change, upskilling will help you to accumulate the skills needed to get you there. If you demonstrate relevant training, potential employers are more likely to consider you over applicants with skills gaps on their resumes. Clever upskilling also allows you to access mentors and resources that will help you to reach your career goals.

2. Excel in your role

If COVID-19 showed us anything, it’s that nothing is 100% certain – especially our jobs. The world around us is changing at a fast pace, along with the technologies we rely on to live our day to day lives. Upskilling allows you to future-proof your career by gaining the skills needed to keep on top of changing industry and market demands and to thrive in your role and chosen career.

3. Discover new passions

The quest to learn is a noble art in itself, yet there are many reasons why upskilling and gaining new knowledge can be of benefit. The main reason? It opens up many doors to discover new passions, hobbies and talents. You may find that you develop a real interest in something you wouldn’t have ever considered before which could lead you on a road to new discoveries, including new career paths.

4. Get a promotion

When you upskill, you become more valuable to your employer. At the end of the day, the employees who demonstrate greater productivity, work ethic and a thirst to constantly improve are more likely to get a raise or be promoted. Upskilling is one of the best things you can do to move your career forward, so take a look at your current skills and match them to the opportunities you want to explore. If you discover any skill gaps, make it your mission to pursue some outside training to help give you the right skills to be considered for the position or paycheck you want.

5. Self-improvement

Upskilling is great for self-development. Constantly improving yourself and learning new things helps to keep the mind active, and has the ability to add meaning to our lives. Gaining new skills also gives us a confidence boost, growing your self-esteem and overall self-worth – both of which are crucial to your success and happiness within your career.

6. Your work may pay for it

As the global pandemic has hit industries hard, many workplaces are discovering the value of upskilling employees. In fact, 74% of hiring managers acknowledge that a skills gap currently exists in the workforce, with the lack of adequate skills presenting the biggest challenge in the hiring process. This might mean that free upskilling resources will be provided for companies to help employees gain new skills. Even if your current employer doesn’t provide training, it doesn’t hurt to ask if they would be willing to provide these resources in the near future.

How do you upskill?

You might be wondering, what upskilling options are there? If your current job doesn’t provide employee training, there are lots of other options to gain new skills.

 Some of the best ways to upskill include:

  • Formal education
  • Online short course
  • Correspondence course
  • Training resources such as books and online articles/guides/workbooks
  • Video tutorials
  • Podcasts
  • Conferences and job expo’s
  • One-on-one coaching

When it comes to choosing the right option for you, it helps to identify your current skills gaps and then look at the courses that provide the training opportunities to cover these gaps. From there, dedicate enough time each day to learning these new skills. Remember, upskilling is a continuous journey! You’ll never be done learning, even once you’ve achieved your goals. That’s why it’s important to choose a course or training provider that can help you to stay motivated and that will provide flexible training options so you can upskill while managing your existing workload.

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