What Skills Do I Need To Become A Bookkeeper?

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Be proficient in technology

Technology has drastically changed the business world. Bookkeeping is no exception. As a future professional, it is essential that you become proficient in the relevant aspects of technology that go into making the accounting system work.

Be open to learn new tools

The world of accounting is constantly changing. And with changing technology, there is a need for aspiring bookkeepers to keep up with the tools that become standard.

One such tool, for instance, is spreadsheet software. Bookkeepers need to know how the spreadsheet works, what its formulae are and how to use formulae for the calculation of accounting functions such as loans, interests, profit and losses etc.

Another such example is the word-processing software that forms an integral part of the accounting profession today. The bookkeeper works in close association and consultation with clients, which requires the ability to prepare and dispatch letters as well as reports to clients on a regular basis.

Any aspiring bookkeeper has to keep up with the developments by learning these and other new tools as may be required. ICI Diploma and ICI Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping are aimed at equipping students with unique skills and expertise that help them gear up to the extensive use of tools and technology in the workplace, giving them the ability to cope up with business needs.

Understand the business

One of the key aspects required of accountants and bookkeepers is shrewd understanding of the business that they represent. Every business is different and so are industries and their behaviour during different phases of economic cycles. Government rules and regulations tend to vary widely depending on the industries as well as the nature and types of business.

It is the responsibility of accountants to make themselves familiar with their clients’ business and their peculiar circumstances, needs, legislation and requirements. ICI Diploma and ICI Advanced Diploma in Bookkeeping equips students with specialised skills towards applying principles of professional practice to work effectively in the financial services industry, equipping you with updated information on company procedures, guidelines, policies and standards that would help you perform your responsibilities as expected by clients.

Bookkeeping is an exciting profession where you could serve clients with their accounts, save them money and time, and get to know the latest in legislative requirements associated with running a business. check out the bookkeeper course available from ICI now.

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