Law and Justice: How to Know if it’s the Right Career Path For You

1. Your favourite shows are Criminal Minds, Castle, Bones and Suits

You have a fascination with all aspects of criminal cases. That includes the psychoanalytical side, a knowledge of laws and the processes of the courtroom, as well as both criminal and civil law. A career in criminal justice and criminology will see you maintaining the law and protecting the community by finding and stopping crime. What could be more rewarding than that?


2. You answer everyday questions with legal jargon

Do you feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life? Perhaps a career as a paralegal secretary is for you. Paralegal secretaries have exceptional organisational skills, an understanding of law procedures and great research skills, as well as a sixth sense for how cases work within the justice system. You can help win cases by assisting with research of the public record, working as part of a team in the courtroom, maintaining records, and creating legal documents. This course is suitable for those who wish to start a career, and for those who wish to deepen their existing knowledge.


3. Someone steals your food in the office – you immediately launch an investigation into whodunnit

To catch a criminal you need to understand how their minds work, how to track them down, and how to bring them to justice. Our private investigation course teaches you how to deal with criminal cases such as fraud, domestic disputes, and commercial issues. If a career in espionage is calling you, come and learn the surveillance and business tricks of private investigators with this comprehensive course.


4. You over-analyse the motives of your colleagues

Everyone has something different that makes them tick, and you love to know people better than they know themselves. A career in criminal psychology helps you understand crimes via knowledge of the human condition. Crimes come in many shapes and forms, and you will understand the psychology behind the entire picture.

Students are taught not only the motives of the crime committers, but how police officers and lawyers can use psychological understanding in investigation and courtroom settings.


5. You think about the fingerprints you leave behind on objects, what fibres you’re wearing, and what’s going on around you

You see life in all its minute details. From the hairs on your head to the particular way you walk, you know that humans can be analysed thoroughly from what they leave behind. If you’re one of those people who sees the whole picture of life, why not put your natural observation abilities to good use in a forensics career? This fascinating curriculum teaches you what all aspects of a crime scene can mean, from toxicology to blood spatters and handwriting forgery.


6. You get personally involved with political issues and have loud and frequent ‘discussions’ with others about governmental issues

You’re either avoided or sought out for your crazy debate skills and ability to argue. If you love the way political debate is spun and woven like a complex spiderweb, you should definitely consider learning the ins and outs of political science. If you follow the UN on Twitter and your favourite hashtag is #AusPol, you’re already a natural!

Knowledge of political science will help you learn what makes the world go around and how states function.


7. You’re the peacemaker for everyone else

You’re the kind of person that will only argue if you think it will lead to a better understanding – it’s not about one person “winning”. You’re a great listener and the person friends call to resolve a dispute. You can apply your natural abilities for resolving conflicts to a number of situations, including relationship counselling and workplace disputes. And in our mediation course, you’ll learn how to build trust and collect information to get a harmonious outcome for everyone involved.


8. You spend your time lecturing friends and family on how to keep yourself safe from criminals

Because you know just how a criminal’s mind works, you know the risks! You’re full of handy tips and crime stats that you want to share to keep your loved ones safe. While some may find it morbid, you persevere because you know the facts!

A career in criminal justice and criminology is the only thing that makes sense.


9. Just for fun you’ve followed someone around to see if they noticed

Stealth and quiet footsteps are on your side, so why not put these skills to the test? Chances are you’ve noticed that people act very differently when they think they aren’t being watched. Budding private investigators will have noticed this especially!

Keeping a stealthy eye on someone is the best way to know what kind of person they really are.

Who are you

10. You’ve tried analysing other people’s handwriting to see if you can guess what mood they were in

You know that what people say and feel can be very different things. Ever checked out the way a potential partner signs their name? If so, you know the power of handwriting to reveal a person’s true personality, and you’re excited to start your training in forensics to prove it!


11. When you watch a movie you guess who the bad guy is from their demeanour

It takes Hollywood’s finest to make you surprised at the end of a movie. Your powers of deduction let you follow the subtlest of behavioural hints to figure out the character who is capable of committing crime. Criminal psychology can be taught, but you also need natural instincts like this to succeed in the field.


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Gladys Mae


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