How to Start your Career in International Trade in 2018

ICI - Career-in-International-Trade-in-2018

Global trade is booming. Want to be part of that wave? Start your career in Importing and exporting in 2018 and discover your dream job.

Why international trade is the career you want

Just about every country in the world engages in international trade. It’s a huge, multibillion dollar industry that powers some of them world’s biggest businesses. It’s also incredibly robust, meaning there’s always opportunities within the industry to make a name for yourself.

But making the switch to importer exporter can be tricky. Here are just a few of the reasons ICI makes it easy for you.

You can study from home

Online study offers flexibility that traditional face-to-face study can’t match. Why waste time travelling to and from classes or hanging around campus waiting between tutorials? Study with a schedule that suits you. Whether you’re doing it from home, at the local library or on your lunch break in the office, ICI’s International Trade Course can be completed online, giving you the freedom to further your education on your own schedule.

You’ll be fast tracking your career

Forget lengthy and arduous degrees and years spent at the bottom of the ladder. By taking an online importer exporter course with ICI you’re fast tracking your success. You’ll learn about how to start up your own business and make it work, meaning no more grinding out the 9-5 for someone else’s happiness. And once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running.

Get an advantage over the competition with Government assistance

One of the best keep secrets about starting your own small business is getting assistance from the government. Those who are looking to go out on their own with an import/export trade business will benefit from the government grants and assistance available to give your startup the best shot moving forward.

You’ll know more about international finance

Without a solid understanding of international banking and currency exchange you’ll struggle in the import export industry. Get ahead in 2018 by learning about foreign exchange and banking protocols. This essential skill is useful for both importing and exporting and can be the difference between a good business and a great one.

Nail your calculations

ICI - Career in International Trade in 2018

Whether you’re a maths wizard or happy to get by with your calculator, a successful import and export business can only thrive with reliable calculations. Know exactly how much you’ll make off any given contract. Learn how to incorporate currency exchange, commissions, taxes and other tarifs into your calculations, and ensure you’re never left in the lurch.

Build your network

Need to find a freight forwarder at the last minute? Without a network of reliable contacts your business could struggle. That’s why ICI’s import export course teaches you the essentials in building a robust network of trusted contacts. You’ll learn:

  • How to source vital contacts
  • How to find a freight forwarder
  • How to assess the risk of any given contact

Lower your risk

How do you assess the risk of any given deal? If you want to make your business bulletproof you’ll need to do more than just look at the number at the bottom of the page. At ICI, we’ll teach you the in’s and out’s of a quality risk assessment to take the risk out of your deals and come out ahead, everytime.

Useful for many careers

After completing your course in importing and exporting, a world of opportunities will become available to you. You may choose to work for an existing company or start your own small business. If you’re an entrepreneur, understanding the intricacies of international importing and exporting could provide you with the expert knowledge to make your next business venture a success.

Learn how to assess markets

Before importing or exporting a product you must first make an assessment of consumer appetite. If there’s no demand, why import something? If there’s an unreliable supply, then the region might not be the best place to export from. Weighing up these considerations is important for the success of your business, and acquiring these skills is best achieved through an import and export course. You’ll learn:

  • The difference in go-to-market for new and existing products
  • How to price a product correctly
  • How to assess local competition

Learn how to negotiate agreements

The success of your importer exporter business lives or dies on the quality of your contracts. BY studying international trade you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify risk
  • Develop strategies for small and large volumes
  • Sources products and suppliers
  • Read and write contracts
  • Negotiate for a better deal

Contracts make the world go round. At ICI we prepare you for what’s important, so you can hit the ground running.

Start studying international trade today

Ready to embark on your career as an international importer/exporter? Perhaps you’re already established and looking to polish up your knowledge? Either way, an accreditation from ICI Education’s online International Trade (Import – Export) course will equip you with the knowledge you need to thrive. Study to your schedule and start your dream career today.

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