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shutterstock_126786827Are you interested in the area of criminal justice? Don’t feel that you’re involvement has to be limited to watching crime series on television or keeping eye on the news, as there are many ways you can get involved. The industries of criminal justice and criminology are fascinating areas that may expose you to many opportunities around crime, justice and criminal law enforcement.

If you are interested in pursuing criminology as a career, you should consider a course in criminal justice. These courses can provide you with the relevant information you need, and offer you an opportunity to meet with and learn from highly experienced professionals. These experts can open your eyes to this vastly growing and incredibly interesting profession.

What is the difference between criminal justice and criminology?

While these two areas are inextricably linked, criminology relates to theory behind crime. It analyses, examines and theorises about crime: the causes of crime, the costs to crime, and the consequences of crime. For example, criminology may explore the costs and benefits of imprisonment as a punitive measure, and consider whether it is achieving the purposes of accountability of sentence when the causes of crime are considered.

Criminal justice can be considered as the application of criminology to an area of employment. There are many employment opportunities in the criminal justice industry. An obvious example is a career in law enforcement, such as working for the police or a government investigator with regulators such as NSW Fair Trading. Criminal Justice may include working in the court system such as with the court registry or sheriff’s department or correctional services centres. You could even consider working for the Coroner’s department.

Perhaps one reason why so many people who work in the criminal justice industry enjoy it; is because you not only feel part of an essential platform in the community, but there are also many career opportunities. You may be exposed to many aspects of criminal justice from which you can grow professionally and personally.

Why is a criminal justice and criminology course necessary?

The criminal justice system is complex, especially in Australia. There are a number of government  agencies which play an important role in the system, and the impact of the criminal justice system on society is equally complex. There are many reasons why crime is committed, so there are many questions that need to be asked of the system that is in place, such as how successfully it addresses the causes and consequences of crime.

By engaging in a course that informs you about both the criminal justice system and criminology, you will have a far better understanding of crime and where it fits in the fabric of civil society. The International Career Institute offers a course that combines these two aspects of law.

shutterstock_129115370Once you have completed such a course, the doors can open for you to many career options, not just obvious ones such as working in law enforcement or the courts. There are some civilian career paths available in criminal justice that may interest you, such as crime analysts who gather intelligence information and data to identify emerging trends and criminal activities. This can help predict where crime may occur, such as analysing the growing trend of criminal gangs and the black market areas they tend to target.

Another fascinating area may be a career in forensic psychology. This involves working across many components of the criminal justice system, such as the corrections industry, probation services, or rehabilitating convicted criminals.

You may be interested in forensic computer investigation. In this modern age of crime by computers, identity theft and hacking this is a vastly growing area in need of skilled professionals. You may apply your skills with computer technology and other electronic devices to collect information and track cyber criminals.

There is no shortage of excitement in this professional industry. You can be a part of the criminal justice process and understand the psychology of crime rather than just watching it on television. By completing a criminal justice and criminology course, you can kick start your career today.

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