8 Jobs Where You Can Work from Home

Where once the concept of working from home was far-fetched, now there are many career opportunities for people who want to start their own business or work remotely. Even better, many of these career options are profitable, especially due to the rise of social media and advancements in technology. More employers support work-from-home setups, and more people are branching out and founding their businesses, primarily due to the relative simplicity in establishing a business in Australia.

The movement toward remote work outside of the office is increasing as well. The International Career Institute’s research shows one in four Australians work at least five hours outside the office weekly, and one in ten employees spend a minimum of ten hours completing work tasks at home. If you are interested in working from home or becoming an entrepreneur, here are eight jobs you can work from home that can help you establish a fulfilling career.

1. Makeup artist

A makeup artist engages in beauty therapy for clients, and those responsibilities can range from improved grooming to therapeutic skin treatments to remedial camouflage techniques. Most Australian makeup artists are freelancers, which provides a level of scheduling flexibility and areas for creativity, such as starting your own product line.

While some freelance makeup artists work on movie and television sets, just as many work from their homes. Creating your own unique studio that specially caters to your clientele, whether for weddings or makeovers, will allow you to capitalize your creativity while working from home in a way that positively impacts your customers.

2. Hairdresser

As a hairdresser, you can work from home and derive satisfaction from your job by helping your client feel happier and more confident about how they look. This creative position allows you to meet people from all walks of life and to make them feel good about themselves. Hairdressing involves a careful balance of knowledge and skills from cultural styling techniques to working with a variety of client personalities.

Freelance hairdressers can work from home as a personal hairstylist or a salon consultant. You may even wish to start your own salon from your home. Hairdressing is an exciting and growing industry that gives stylists plenty of options to work from home.

3. Bookkeeper

Do you have a talent for numbers? Are you looking for a rewarding profession you can work from home? Consider starting your own bookkeeping business. The need for a bookkeeper to record business’s financial transactions, enter invoices or payments, and manage reconciliation is neverending. Bookkeeping from home can be quite profitable, with most bookkeepers making an average of $35 – 45.00 per hour.

Setting up your own bookkeeping business at home can be done with little more than internet access, a mobile phone, a computer, and accounting software that allows for payroll, automatic data entry, and bank reconciliation. This in-demand job is necessary for a wide range of industries, including business and business services, government, property, and finance.

4. Writer

Freelance writers are needed more than ever in a world dominated by various forms of digital communication. Journalists who write news articles and freelancers who create content for advertising and marketing are frequently hired via outsourcing to complete writing projects. Although writing and publishing experience is highly desired, it isn’t necessary to start a career from home as a writer.

Journalists and freelance writers can often apply for jobs or develop their business profiles on freelancing websites and hiring platforms. In many cases, writers can earn hundreds of dollars per article or project. If you enjoy writing and have analytical and organizational skills, you can make a living as a writer from your front porch.

5. Online teacher

Being an online instructor can cover a range of subject matter, from teaching languages to providing distance learning for various grade levels. You can kick start your career as an online teacher by teaching TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages). Many online instructional companies need online English teachers. Some opportunities are available for travelling abroad; however, you can just as easily teach students in other areas of the world from your living room couch.

Online TESOL teachers have a significant impact on their students’ lives. You can combine your English-teaching skills with other subject matter such as information-technology marketing, or accounting. Qualification to teach TESOL can be accomplished in a matter of weeks so you can begin your online teaching career right away.

6. Online social media manager

Businesses need online social media managers to promote their services through the medium of public relations and media platforms. Knowledge of technology, advertising and marketing techniques, and an understanding of analytics are necessary skills for a social media manager. As a social media manager, you can go into business for yourself and help other companies grow an online following. This job can be done remotely, no matter where the clients are located.

Social media managers may choose to work for a rate per hour, a monthly fee, or retainer. This position is a crucial one to businesses who want to create a strong brand and online presence.

7. Therapist

More therapists are working online from their own offices or homes to provide more access to clients who may have demanding schedules or are unable or uncomfortable meeting face-to-face or outside their homes. A counsellor offers confidential therapy and actively listens to clients, helping them identify and define their problems. Therapists listen without judgment and offer practical ideas to help people improve their emotional and mental well-being.

Counsellors need to be available online during scheduled shifts for pre-booked clients and any drop-in clients. With appropriate qualifications, this critically important career can offer counsellors a way to work remotely while making a living helping other people.

8. Fashion stylist

If your talent lies in fashion and style, you can work from home online and assist customers in personal styling and image consulting. You can establish your own business with a photography studio, blog about upcoming fashion trends, become a personal style shopper for clients, or perform editorial styling for fashion magazines through digital design.

While you don’t need formal training to be a fashion stylist, education and knowledge combined with experience will give you an advantage as you start your freelance business in the fashion industry.

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