11 Great Career Opportunities from Studying Horticulture

Ici - Opportunities from Studying Horticulture

Studying horticulture creates a world potential for every nature lover in search of a career. Plants are one of the most important organisms in our world. We eat them, we grow them, we use them for ornamentation and even medicine. Discover some of the best career opportunities in horticulture – The results will surprise you.

1. Plant Pathologist

Plant pathologists conduct laboratory experiments on plant matter and run tests to determine the characteristics of diseases that attack plants.

This job could provide the opportunity to travel to locations where plant disease is prevalent where you’ll likely run tests on soil composition and collect samples.

Furthermore, you may develop new types of plants that are resistant to disease and contribute meaningfully to society, particularly in the area of food production.

2. Consultant in horticulture

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Horticultural consultants provide a wide variety of services to different businesses and organisations. Depending on your area of speciality, you could be providing advice on grass selection and maintenance for golf courses, recommending plant types for an urban park space, or advising farmers on crop choice.

Consultants should be comfortable with travel obligations and have the ability to mix knowledge of horticulture with an understanding of business and presentation. You’ll blend an understanding of plant and soil behaviour with the technical specifics of caring for them and the financial component of ensuring they receive adequate maintenance.

3. Ornamental horticulturist

Ornamental horticulturalists typically work at floristry stores, landscaping businesses or nurseries. Like the name suggests Ornamental Horticulturalists work with plants and flowers for decorative and ornamental uses.

The role mainly involves the design of corsages and bouquets, creation of low maintenance flower beds or other ornaments within homes, and the provision of general advice to customers on the use and care of plants for decorative purposes.

4. Horticultural technician

Technicians plant, nurture and maintain plant life used in a variety on industries including:

  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Decorative
  • Educational

Technicians water, plant, prune, fertilize and transplant flora. They may also play a role in diagnosing and treating disease.

5. Plant Care Worker

If you’re interested in some degree of travel and the maintenance ornamental plants, then becoming a plant care worker is the perfect path for you.

Plant Care Workers use their knowledge of horticulture to tend to customer plants on premises. Using gardening tools, fertiliser and incedride, they ensure plants are healthy and properly maintained.

You’ll also transplant flora to and from customer premises, examine plant and soil health and identify if there are any insects or diseases present.

6. Nursery Staffer

As you might expect nursery workers look after growing plants in a nursery. Young plants need a lot of care, so nursery staff tend to their needs including watering, planting and ensuring the soil selected is appropriate.

The plants you tend to will grow to be used in a variety of applications, from ornamental gardens in public areas to research in plant based diseases.

7. Landscape Designer

Ici - Opportunities from Studying Horticulture

Landscape designers combine horticulture and hardscapes to create gardens that achieve aesthetic objectives whilst ensuring that the landscape has the correct plants, soil and maintenance to thrive in the long-term.

Landscape designers work for various clients, ranging from private customers and corporations to the government. It’s a rewarding career for people who wish to bring horticulture into livable spaces.

8. Writer

Specialist horticulture writers may find themselves writing for farming magazines, gardening websites, television shows and even radio. If you love horticulture and want to share it with the world this is definitely a great career opportunity for you.

A writer should possess a good command of language and have the ability to meet tight deadlines. Understanding HTML will also be beneficial if you’re planning on writing for the web.

9. Pest Management

Gaining experience in horticulture is the perfect way to take up career in pest management. A through understanding of horticulture helps farm and garden owners to protect their flora from pests. An understanding of state regulations, agricultural processes and industry best practice is important for work in this field.

10. Horticultural Inspector

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Inspectors help to maintain a high level of produce in the food industry. As an inspector you’ll assess food crops like fruit and vegetables for government and private bodies and ensure yields been compliant with quality standards.

You’ll also make recommendations on improving processes. A good understanding of industry as well as horticulture will help you with this career path.

11. Business Management

For the entrepreneur a career in horticulture could include a foray in business management. The sector of the industry you specialise in is up to you. You could:

  • Open a nursery
  • Start a landscaping business
  • Set up a farm
  • Run a consultancy firm

The possibilities are endless, however you will want education and experience in both business management and horticulture.

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