The Top 10 Courses You Should Consider Studying If Your Goal is to Help People

Ici - The Top 10 Courses You Should Consider Studying

Your friends describe you as good-hearted. Your family describes you as kind and caring. Your teachers described you as philanthropic. So what International Career Institute course best suits you?

At the International Career Institute we understand that many Gen X, Y and Zs want to help people. We live in a time of social change, and we have a responsibility to connect students to ideas, each other, other change-makers and key resources. We work hard to bring the right program offerings and education and pride ourselves on delivering inspiring teachings, qualified tutors, and industry based practitioners of some truly amazing fields. If you’re thinking about a career that will bring positive change to this world, here are some you should consider…

Life Coaching

Many people are today on the quest for answers as to how to improve life. This improvement could come in the form of career growth and development, or lean more towards personal fulfillment and happiness. To help find the answers they’re looking for, they turn to life coaches.

A life coach is a person employed to help others attain their life goals. A fast growing profession, it’s still relatively undersupplied, meaning that not only is a career in life coaching rewarding, it’s in high demand too. Coaching pays you to bring out the best in your clients – what can be more rewarding than that?

As a life coach, you’ll be tasked with encouraging, guiding, creating and measuring goals for clients. You’ll assist others to reflect and seek answers on their own terms, and enable them to make their own decisions for personal growth. A good sense of empathy is essential, as is good listening and insight skills. It may also be helpful if you’ve ‘been there’ to some degree. Experience can be a bonus.

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A career in mediation and conflict resolution can be extremely rewarding and a Certificate in Mediation will lay the groundwork for effective mediation managing. You’ll learn conducive productive meditation and how to collate and analyse background information. You’ll discover how to build trust and cooperation, how to draw up detailed meditation plans, and how to uncover hidden interests of disputing parties.

Mediation allows you to actively facilitate negotiation and settlement between parties by providing direction and encouragement. It requires you to work collaboratively with the parties to find creative ways to reach a mutual solution. Most mediators are employed by local and state government, school and universities, legal/insurance providers, or independent mediator providers. To enjoy a career in mediation you should have good negotiating skills and credibility, be objective and have good self-control, and at all times be patient and tactful. You’ll also need perseverance and a strong yet calming demeanor.

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Journalists can sometimes get a bad wrap, but throughout history journalism has been a driving force behind social change. Whether exposing human right abuses, giving people a voice, or holding leaders accountable, journalism plays a crucial role in bringing about positive change.

Journalism allows you to move into realms you might never have ventured into on your own. It offers endless possibilities, be it in print, radio, television or online mediums. Whether it’s an earthquake in Nepal, a terror attack in Paris, or a heartwarming story in Sydney, it allows you to play a part in how others see the world.

Study with ICI and the entire course is carried out via Distance Learning, ideal if you need to adapt around work, family, or other commitments.

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Counselling & Psychology

Counselling psychologists integrate psychological theory with therapeutic techniques as a way to help people overcome problematic mental health issues. They work through bereavement and post traumatic stress disorder, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders, fears and more. In addition, some counselling psychologists may be involved in risk assessment and psychometric testing.

The job prospects for counsellors is at an all time high. Over the last five years the sector has increased by more than 57%, and more than half of workers are employed full time. Graduates of our Counselling & Psychology course find work in family, grief, education and conflict counselling, welfare and social work, sports coaching, life coaching, rehabilitation, mental health programs, and industrial relations and management to name a few.

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Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant

Fashion is one of the most glamorous and entertaining professions you can have, and as a stylist, you’ll be responsible for putting together some incredible outfits. Stylists are asked to put together clothes and accessories for editorial features, print and television programs, advertising campaigns, celebrities, models and public leaders. They get hired by famous fashion brands or can take up work as an independent style consultant. The benefits that come from this type of work include making people feel great about themselves and majorly boosting your client’s confidence.

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Our bodies are our biggest and most important investment, and with everyone leading busy lives, our bodies can easily succumb to stress and strain. As a nutritionist, you’ll be able to help people reach optimal health by providing information and advice about food choices.

Nutritionists can offer a range of services, from public health nutrition and community health, to tertiary education related to nutrition. They may evaluate, design, coordinate, or implement health interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of others. As well as provide support to individuals and groups, nutritionists can also work in research, public health, or as a consultant.

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Teachers Aide

The role of a teacher’s aide is extremely important. Assisting in creating an engaging and fun learning environment, a teacher’s aide can affect hundreds of lives. Having trained with ICI, you’ll be able to make an incredible contribution to the development of those lucky enough to be in your classroom.

Our Teachers Aide course teaches you learning principles, communication skills, lesson plan development, assessment and evaluation techniques, tuition techniques, education methodologies and more. You’ll be able to provide clerical or teaching support for preschool, primary, and secondary school, and can also offer opportunities in after school care, holiday programs, company creches, and community centres.

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Personal Training

Employment opportunities can vary within the personal training industry, but what all roles have in common is that they all lead to healthier and generally happier people. A personal trainer will not only help to achieve personal fitness goals, they can help perfect form, attend an old knee injury, help set realistic goals, and help with specific goals like training for a marathon or sporting event. A personal trainer holds their clients accountable and pushes them to their limits. They get maximum results in minimal time and can act as an unofficial therapist. Let’s be honest, most of the time when you’re working out with your trainer you’ll be telling them about your week, and getting this off your chest can be very therapeutic!

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Biblical Studies & Ministry

Whether you simply want a better understanding of faith and religion, or you’re hoping to build a paid career out of your faith, our Biblical Studies & Ministry course can help you achieve your goals. Studying with ICI can lead to a role in teaching, priesthood, theology, counselling, missionary work, not-profit charities and more. If it’s important you get in touch with your inner faith, this is the course for you. If you envision life as a spiritual leader or educator, this course is definitely for you.

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Knowledge of the English language and the ability to use the English language is important as it’s rapidly becoming a valuable global commodity. As such, the role of a TESOL teacher is filled with prospects.

As a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) you can find work in almost every country imaginable. Whether this work is in a private school, business organisation, university or kindergarten, you’ll be helping set others up for life. Studying to be a TESOL can also prepare you for a culturally enriching working holiday.

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