If you’re looking for a change of career, or perhaps want to check in on your current one, there are a few different careers that you may want to consider. Some careers are predicted to grow in Australia over the next few years, however there may be a lull in work opportunities for others.

Here we look at Australia’s fastest growing jobs in Australia, and the best career blogs to follow for advice and insights.

Education and Training

With the growing size of the population and parents striving to provide the best in education for their children, we are seeing an increase in job opportunities in the education and training sector. The education industry is set to grow 13.3% by 2018, creating 58,900 more jobs over the next five years.

Healthcare and Medical

As a result of the increased amount of people in our aging population, the need for more medical staff is on the rise. Predicted by the NSW Government, we should see job numbers grow by 16.3% by November of 2018. With the current rates of new nurses entering the field, there is an estimated 109,000 nurses that our population will be in need of by 2025 due to a nursing shortfall, making this field of work ideal for the estimated future growth and need.

Building Trades

The building industry covers many different fields including, bricklayers, cabinetmakers, roof tilers, electricians, carpenters, gasfitters, stonemasons and painters. Now is a great time to be skilled to work in this industry, as there is an estimated growth of approximately 8% by 2018. These jobs are in demand all across Australia and is not limited to the city/urban areas.

Information and
Communication Technology (ICT)

As computers and technology become more vital to our everyday lives, the ICT industry is in need of more people to help support the growing use of such technology. There is believed to be a strong growth of 12.8% by the end of 2018, as estimated by The Department of Employment. Computer network professionals are the top expected growing professionals needed nationwide, with a 20.5% increase.

Design and Architecture

In 2014 we saw a huge increase in the demand for architects, and it’s fast becoming one of the most sought after professions in Australia as the current economy is looking set to further utilise more architects. It’s been predicted that there have been 183,000 new houses built in 2015, meaning there is still a lot of potential available to architects. With many businesses looking to increase their online presence, the need for digital designers is also on the increase.

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power means quite a few job opportunities are on the rise. With the growing interest in helping to create a sustainable way of living that doesn’t impact the Earth as much as conventional methods, the alternative energy sector can help to bring in jobs in mechanics, engineering, scientists and plant managers, right through to sales and marketing professionals.


With businesses wanting to ensure they have a great online presence due to the increasing amount of people using the Internet, it is no wonder that the marketing industry is set to grow. Companies want to find ways to differentiate their products online from competitors, so there is a real need for those who understand ways to market business and products in an online arena.

Event Planning

Event planning has been around for years, but recently an increasing number of people are opting to hire event planners for their next big occasion to help smooth over the event and ensure nothing goes awry. With a projected increase of 43.7% in this field of employment, now is a good time to start getting key qualifications and certifications to become an event planner.

Veterinary Assistants

There appears to be some good growth in the veterinarian care sector. Almost everyone owns a pet or some kind, so it’s almost no wonder that there will be a steady increase in the need for good quality vets and vet assistants. Job prospects are quite good for veterinary assistants and there is expected to be an increase in these jobs by 2020 of approximately 52%.

Interpreters and Translators

With many businesses aiming to go global with their services and products, it’s clear to see that the need for interpreters will be on the rise. Frequently translated languages such as Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish will be high in demand, and there appears to be an expected growth in this sector by 2020 of around 42.2%.

The highest shrinking growth sector at the moment is in fact the mining sector. Although roles within the mining industry are paid rather generously, there has been a decrease in the amount of roles required. As an example, male full-time workers in the mining industry will be paid on average $2,601 per week, however we have seen over the past 12 months a decrease of workers by 33,300 people. Although the salary is quite attractive, there is not as much growth as other sectors such as hospitality, health and education.

If you’re looking to follow some up-to date news and read some interesting blogs about careers and job prospects, there are quite a few to be found online. Here are our top 50 blogs that we think will be a great read and interesting to follow. They can provide a great insight and knowledge about your future job prospects and career options.

Australian Institute of Management

If you’re a manager, or perhaps you’re looking to further your career to be in a supervisory position in the future, the blog by the Australian Institute of Management has some excellent posts. There are some great posts on how to become a better manager, working on relieving stress levels, and understanding how to work for your company better.

Lifehacker Australia

If you’re looking to improve yourself, this blog has it all. Not only is this a handy blog to read to help you further your career, it’s also a worthwhile read for improving yourself within your personal life. Be sure to read the posts on improving your health by bettering your self perceptions.

Bulls Eye Recruiting

This blog has some great tips on job interviews (both as an applicant and interviewee) and how to use social media to help you gain your next role. There are some great tips on using Facebook and LinkedIn to your advantage. There is also some great information on what you should (and shouldn’t) include in your resume.

Women's Network Australia

This blog is predominately aimed at a female audience, and addresses issues and topics that many would be interested in. Not only covering career specific topics, this blog also provides some great posts on self-improvement and marketing and even, investing for beginners. For the busy working mother, this post on time management is a must-read.

Beyond Law

Regardless of if you are a recent law graduate, a law student or a seasoned lawyer, this is a great blog to follow. And even if you’re not any of those things but have an interest in the law, then this blog is worth a look. There are plenty of posts on interview tips and tricks, and their post on gaining a graduate job at a top tier law firm is definitely an interesting read that is full of information.

Her Business

Another blog set to help businesswomen in their careers, this site has an abundance of informative posts. The posts are not limited to career only posts. There are also some great posts on looking after your health, self improvement and an interesting post on “boredom”.

White Blank Pages

Claire Colebeck is a career mentor, and has started this blog to discuss and share information on career progression and work life. There are some great tips on preparing for maternity leave, right through to finding motivation in your tasks and how to work on the perfect work-life balance.


Having suffered from depression in the past, all while running a small business, Leanne Faulkner has a very interesting perspective on health and business that is a great read. She has some excellent posts on running a business, but also has some good points regarding looking after your health at the same time.

Career One

If you’re looking for some advice on how to progress your career and how to nail a job interview, there’s some really great posts here by CareerOne. Not only can you start to increase your potential to land a new role, there’s a few great posts on making your current career better. One such post is on how to negotiate with your employer a potential pay rise.

Leadership HQ

Whether you’re a leader or wanting to increase your chances at becoming a leader, this blog by Leadership HQ can help you with that. There are some great posts here on building new skills and engaging in your talents to help in your career. There are also some good tips on relieving stress and coping with situations that don’t go to plan.

Seek Insight

If you’re working in recruitment or you just want to be able to look like you know what you’re doing when running interviews for a new job role at the company, then you must read this blog. There is a great post for first-time hiring managers so that you can be prepared and ask all of the right questions.


If you’re looking for a well-written blog that goes over the finer details about setting up and running a new business, you should check this one out. Rebekah Campbell writes about her experiences, and even uses personal anecdotes to detail ways that you can better improve yourself in your own life and career.

Smart Company

This is a great place to go if you’re looking for posts on increasing your credibility at work, making impressions at work events, and other great tips on improving yourself in order to help your standing at the office. There are also lots of posts on how the way you are perceiving yourself is affecting your career, so it is well worth following to keep up to date with all of their new articles.


Whether you’re looking for a new job or currently in a role, this blog has what you need. Many job roles can be stressful, so there are some great ideas here on how to deal with such stress, especially during the holiday period. One of our favourite posts is on improving productivity while on your daily commute to work. This is a definite read for those looking at improving their time management during the boring ride to work each day.

New Horizon Coaching

If you’re feeling a little “stuck in a rut”, then you should check out the blog by New Horizon Coaching. There are a lot of motivational posts and plenty of ways to reignite your passions for your work (or work out how to find it). There is also a lot of self-improvement topics on this blog, so it’s well worth a read.

Grad Connection

Whether you are a recent graduate or are still currently studying, this site is a great way to get some up to date information and tips on improving your job outlook when you are ready to apply for roles after finishing your studies. Although the website is a little on the messy side, ignore that and follow the content, as it’s very informative and has some great points.

Live Life on Your Terms

Alyce Pilgrim is a life coach and mentor who has started this blog to help you “Live Life on Your Terms”. So many people feel like they are undeserving of the things they truly want. This blog will lift your spirits and make you want to reach of of your goals.

Marketing Magazine

Whether you’re looking for tips on your career, education and/or leadership, there are some excellent reads to be found here. There is also some great information on career progression and personal development articles that will also help in your venture to a better career life.

About Careers

No matter what stage you are in your career, the About Careers page will have an article or post to suit you. Whether you’re deciding on working as a freelancer or you’re edging towards your retirement, there is plenty of useful information to be found here.

Absolutely Abby

Starting as a recruiter and recruiting many people over her 18 year career, Abby Kohut now works as a motivational speaker and shares wisdom on job searching and how to nail that job application. She shares a lot of things that many recruiters simply won’t let you know about, so the blog is full of a lot of decent information to help with your progression.


One of the refreshing things about Blogging4Jobs is how to the point and clear they are about the realities of the workplace. Blogging4Jobs don’t sugar-coat anything and basically just tell it how it is. Whether it’s about job security, shrinking job markets or even about social media, it is covered here in a simple and straightforward manner.

Boredom to Boardroom

Kari Reston is a Gen-Yer, and reached senior management by the time she was 29 years of age. She runs Boredom to Boardroom, and shares insightful and real-life stories and tips that HR professionals probably prefer not to be shared. This is a great site for young professionals and graduates looking to kick start their career.


Whether you’re a recruiter, a recent graduate or a marketing professional, there are blog posts specific to you to be found here. There is some great info on working interviews to your advantage, asking the right questions as an interviewee, and also how to handle new employees.


Are you looking for a job? Then you you may need help with your interviews and this web site will definitely get you on the right track. There are some great posts on those tricky questions that always come up at job interviews. It’s also got a great post on how to make your resume stand out from the rest, which can be quite handy when there are a number of applicants applying for the same role.


Although this is written for an American audience, there are still some very informative articles to be found here. From Holiday season work right through to work for veterans, there is an abundance of information to be found. One of their great posts is one that applies to teenagers, which offers some great job ideas for those looking to get started in the workforce.

Career Girl Network

There are a lot of great topics on this site, and they don’t necessarily relate directly to your career. Women have a wide range of topics of interest and this is shown via the vast topics that are discussed here. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to remember people’s names or 10 of the best sweater looks for work, you can read all about it here.


Not only are there some interesting blog posts on this site, there’s some very handy tools for assessing if you’re in the right career. There are career aptitude tests which can help you on your discovery to the perfect job. There is also a great post on how to increase your productivity levels, which will help in your current role.

Chameleon Resumes

There are plenty of posts online about nailing a job interview. However when it comes to unconventional types of interviews, or application processes with many steps, it is hard to know how to plan for a phone interview. There is, however a great post on how to be prepared for an interview on the phone and how to be successful.

CoolWorks.com - Jobs in Great Places

CoolWorks.com focuses on seasonal work and the benefits of working on a seasonal basis, using the experience of their Jobs In Great Places. The website is where you discover the 'hows' on working in these amazing places. There are some great posts from real world experiences by those who have worked or currently work seasonally, who provide a personal account of how they find the work and how it benefits them. It is worth reading to find out more about this different way of working.


Doostang is a great source for information on careers and progression. There are many articles here and it is updated fairly regularly. There are the usual articles such as interview tips and tricks, but also some different articles such as “What if you’re asked Illegal Questions During an Interview?”. It’s a refreshing taste of what can be provided to you as a job seeker and has a wealth of information available to view.


If you’re looking for articles on other aspects (and not just career prospects and progression) Glassdoor has some great articles about company profiling, the state of the economy and even some posts on creating holiday cheer at the office. One interesting article is on “unicorn companies”, which is a must read if you’re interested in businesses of today.

Inside Jobs

Inside Jobs helps you to discover more about yourself and find ways to pursue the career that is best suited to you. There are some unconventional topics such as how your personality will win over your passion for a career and there are also a great post on the most common pieces of career advice given to people (but is not often adhered to).

I Want Her Job

One of the great things about this particular site is the ability to both read some fascinating articles or perhaps listen to some of their podcasts. There are a few articles by successful businesswomen discussing their job roles and careers, but there is also a smattering of articles about your personal career progression. One of their posts discusses how to revive your home office, which is a great read for anyone who has a home office or who works from home.


Jobma has a lot of information about social media and networking, which is perfect for those who aren’t really sure on how to get started with social media and/or have no idea on how to make it work for them and their career prospects. Today, many people are using sites such as LinkedIn to create an online profile and show off an online resume. Jobma has some great articles on how to make the most of sites like these and where to get started.

Keppie Careers

This is the perfect site to go to if you’re either a job seeker or a small business owner. The latest trends and cutting-edge information is all gathered here to provide a one-stop shop for all your needs. There is no age limit with the articles, as there are articles that address those with job needs when reaching close to retirement age. One of our favourite posts is on gaining respect in the workplace, which is an aspect that some people often neglect.


As mentioned in some other posts, Linked in is just one social media site that has fast become one of the top sites for professionals to join in and begin to work on their career and online presence. LinkedIn is a great site for adding your online profile, but their blog is also a very good read. They cover many professional topics, such as career advice parents have given to their children and interviews with some of the most successful CEO’s on Earth. It’s a great blog to also keep up to date with new features that LinkedIn has to offer.

Modern-day Nomads

Modern-Day Nomads is a destination for globetrekking, creative professionals who are multi-skilled, educated and tech-savvy, and prefer a digital nomad lifestyle or want to utilize their wide array of talents to travel the world. The site features meaningful opportunities (many with housing) in all different industries, all over the world. The blog features some detailed articles on the kinds of jobs available around the world that are easier to gain than others, and there are also some great posts on travelling and what there is to see in the world, which almost read like a travel blog rather than a career blog.


If you’re looking for one of the first ever job sites created online, it is via Monster . Created in 1996, Monster has grown to include many countries all over the world for job seekers and employers. However, their blog has some interesting finds and are often a little more light-hearted and easy to digest. We especially love the post on jobs that we are thankful to not have, which includes details on working as a pet-food taster. Just be sure to read this post while you’re not eating.


If you want a site that updates regularly, you can check up on Recruiter’s website that offers daily updates to provide career and recruiting tips. As it is updated each day, there is plenty to sort through and read. There is material available for recruiters and employees. Be sure to take a read of the post on 5 questions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your boss.

She Negotiates

Even today, many women are still paid less than their male counterparts. She Negotiates looks at the ways women can be more empowered to speak up about work conditions and pay rates. There are also some great articles here on how to influence and speak up successfully in the workplace, as well as the benefits of doing so. It’s a must read for all women in the workforce.


One of the nice things about TalentCulture is the organisation of their blog articles. Their blogs are categorised easily so that you can head straight to the content of interest without scrawling through a list of other blog posts you may not be interested in. The categories include HR Technology, Social Learning, Career Strategy, Leadership and Workplace Culture and Innovation.


Not just blog posts, TalentZoo provides some great viewing as well. You can view some of their videos on Youtube or directly from their website. TalentZoo covers a range of different topics such as working in the advertising sector, how to keep new hirees in their role, and content theft online. There are a number of different posts, and many are written in a light-hearted way that will surely make your daily commute a lot nicer.

The Branding Muse

One thing we like about the blog of The Branding Muse is that it is written from a personal perspective. Many posts and blogs online are written from a well-intentioned angle, but they can seem a little cold and a little “too the point”. If you want to read something a little bit quirky, personal and reflective, The Branding Muse is a great place to stop by. There’s some great information on how to grow your Twitter following and even some fashion tips.

Career Artisan

Thinking of career changes can often be a daunting task. You may not want to even consider it, as it seems too difficult even if you think that a career change is really what you want in life. There are several excellent posts here on Career Artisan’s website that will help you to guide through the change of career you’ve been wanting, as well as some great tips on reviewing your current career goals.

The Muse

Predominately aimed at a female audience, The Muse is a great site to get to know more about some of the most popular companies in the world, as well as some light reading on career progression and self-improvement. Sometimes, not all goes right within the workplace either. For times when you need to recover from asking for too much pay during an interview, this post is for you.


Initially beginning as a site for those who earn a minimum of $100K per year, the site last year expanded their audience to those with a starting salary of $40K a year. Their blog, along with a newsletter you can subscribe to, has some great posts on what may go through your mind before, during and after a role with a company. One of our favourite posts is one on how to motivate your team, so no matter if working with five others or 500 others, this post is sure to help.

The Office Blend

Listed as one of the top 100 career blogs of this year, The Office Blend is a simple-to-navigate blog that has a huge amount of information. Whether you’re a graduate, a key employer or HR manager, there is something here for any reader. There’s a great post on office confidence which is a definite read for anyone to enjoy.


DeakinPrime have some great whitepapers available on leadership, and on the different styles of leadership that can work well for business owners and managers. They also provide some awesome videos and podcasts on business trends, management, and improving your self in the workplace.

When I Grow Up

Michelle Ward at the age of 6, wanted to be an actress. Having studied and focused on musical theatre, she then decided that wasn’t what she wanted to do anymore. She changed jobs seven times in four years looking for the right fit and finally became a career and life coach. Her website When I Grow Up has some great articles on career changes, looking for a bridge job, and what you should do if your job is making you miserable.

Work Coach Cafe

Don’t be fooled by this website's’ seemingly simple layout and design. This site/blog has some very informative pieces that are very helpful in your career progression and job outlook. Being updated rather regularly, there is always something new to read and take in. Today, it’s not always obvious to know where recruiters are looking to fill positions for roles in their company. This post will help you to know where they are looking and know how to get recognised.