7 Jobs for People with Creative Minds


Contrary to what people may think, a career in a creative industry can actually be very lucrative and stable. It’s all about having the right skillset and trying to fit your career into the digital world – a space that virtually every company has a presence within these days, and where creative people are most needed.

While not all creative jobs are remunerative, there are some types of creative work that are more fruitful than others – this is especially true for creative jobs that are able to translate into commercial and digital areas. For instance, while a permanent job can be hard to come by for a musician, a graphic designer can more easily score a full-time, permanent contract with a company.

The good thing about the creative industry is that it offers a wide range of jobs and opportunities, and it’s ever-evolving with technology. In addition, creative jobs can be flexible – there’s the possibility of certain jobs to be done via short-term contracts, freelance work or even remotely. Here, we look at 7 jobs suitable for creative minds.

1. Creative Director

Creative directors usually oversee and conceptualise the creative projects of a company or agency; from packaging, brochures and online advertising, to marketing, web design and multimedia design. Creative directors are typically marketers or visual communications specialists with a few years of experience. A pathway to becoming a creative director could begin with studying a course in marketing or design. These types of qualifications can be helpful when trying to market yourself to potential employers.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create graphics, logos, EDMs and illustrations for brands or companies using a variety of media and software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop for commercial purposes. In order to become a graphic designer, a course such as graphic design and desktop publishing will take you through design fundamentals and then into advanced digital illustration and web design. Once you’ve learned the ins and outs of design and started building up your portfolio, you’ll be on the path to a great creative career in graphic design.

3. Art Director

Art directors are in charge of the design staff when executing a concept outlined in a brief. While a very artistic and creative career path, art directors must also have strong analytical, technical and project management skills in order to meet deadlines and achieve the client’s goal. To be an art director you can study a creative career first, such as photography or interior design. Then you can start gaining experience in an agency.

4. Writer

Writing may seem like a career you could never get a steady paycheck from – but the world is filled with advertisements, brochures, reports, guidelines, contracts, pamphlets and phrases, all created by writers. Virtually every digital marketing, e-commerce, and advertising agency needs a copywriter to fabricate the description of products and the content in advertisements and commercials. To become a copywriter, you can start by studying a course like journalism or communications.

5. Photo Stylist

In commercial photography, it’s not just about simply snapping the photo, but also about setting the mood or scene for the shoot. This is what a photo stylist does, and photo styling is one of the most important jobs in commercial photography. To become a photographer or photo stylist, you can start by studying photography, gaining experience in a commercial setting and working your way up.

6. Web Designer

Nowadays, with almost every business requiring a website and digital presence, a career in web design is very promising. Web designers usually need to possess general creative skills, such as drawing abilities and an ability to create aesthetically pleasing combinations of colour and form. These types of skills can be learned through a graphic design course. More technical elements of web design, such as scripting and programming skills will involve additional study, through a web design course.

7. Advertising Manager

As an advertising manager, you’ll oversee lots of departments in the company and get to work on major creative projects within it. Advertising managers work with sales agents, art directors and other members of relevant teams in order to make effective and memorable advertising campaigns for different organisations and products. This position can also be found in a number of creative industries, from TV and radio to magazines and the digital world. Kick-start your creative career with a course in advertising, where you’ll learn about the creative process, agency structure, memory mechanisms, sales and distribution.

Turn your creative passion into profit

While the little voice in your head might tell you that a law degree is better than a design one, stop worrying. Creative jobs do exist, and well-paid, full-time opportunities are out there. Just inform yourself on what options are available, follow your passion, and focus on improving your skills.

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